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Who we are

RiddimHost is an independently black-owned and operated web hosting company providing affordable, high-quality, high-speed web hosting services and solutions for small businesses. We believe every small business should have a web presence and that the process shouldn’t be complicated. 

We help entrepreneurs and small businesses get online and create a web presence by taking what used to be complicated and made it easy. We’ve created an affordable, reliable, secure and scalable hosting environment for small businesses to quickly build a web presence and grow their business to the next level. 

By offering high-quality hosting products and services we are helping small businesses get online faster and reach more customers. With easy-to-use tools like our free website builder, anyone can build a beautiful website and be online in minutes.  


“Easy to use for a beginner but with all the features a web developer expects”.


Why RiddimHost

RiddimHost was created to solve a problem that many small and minority-owned businesses face when it comes to getting online, they don’t know how to go about building a web presence and usually can’t afford professional assistance. Our goal is to be that starting point, to get your business online and grow with you as your business grows. 

We understand that for many small businesses the internet seems like a scary place or you just can’t be bothered right now. But we’re here to help change that, by making it easy to choose the right products and services to get your business online. A one-stop-shop for all you need, domain name, web hosting, SSL certificates, website builder, everything in one place with full control from your client portal. 

By harvesting the power of cloud computing backed with industry-standard technology, we are able to offer better performance and reliability than traditional web hosting companies. We carefully select the software and hardware to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and scalability. Making it seamless for your website to grow as your business grows.

Our mission

To provide the best solution for small businesses and entrepreneurs to quickly and effectively build a web presence.

  • Quality Products

    We take pride in the products that we offer. Our products are carefully designed with our customers in mind and to the highest standards.

  • Our Technology

    We love technology and as it's always evolving, we're always learning and improving. We're committed to using the latest technology effectively to produce the best product possible.

  • Customer Focused

    Not only do we design our products with our customers in mind we continuously ask for feedback and act on them. Our main asset is our customers and our aim is to provide solutions not just a product.

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